Nokia Lumia WP8 phones coming 5 September, invite tips

Nokia's holding a bash with Microsoft on 5 September, where new Windows Phone blowers are expected to be unveiled.

Nokia's holding a bash with Microsoft on 5 September, where new Windows Phone blowers are expected to be unveiled.

The swanky shindig, which will take place in New York , should provide our first glimpse at Nokia's next batch of smart phones, which will be powered by Windows Phone 8 .

Windows Phone 8 is the newest edition of Microsoft's tile-centric operating system, with the update introducing a slew of new features, including a revamped home screen with more tiles.

Windows Phone 8 supports meatier hardware, so expect Nokia's new phones to up the stakes in the component department, too. Multi-core processor support means we could see dual or quad-core chips powering the next set of mobiles, while increased screen resolution is also on the cards.

I think Nokia's efforts have been easily the best Windows Phone devices yet, with the Lumia 800 particularly impressing me with its curvy, glossy, colourful antics.

Despite some natty mobiles however, the Windows Phone operating system isn't as popular as Android or iOS , and those who hopped aboard early will have been irked to discover that no existing Windows Phone devices will be upgraded to Windows Phone 8 , and instead will have to make do with version 7.8, which does at least feature the new homescreen .

The event kicks off at 9:30am US time, or -- if my world clock-counting abilities are on the money -- 2:30pm in the UK. We'll be on hand to bring you every scrap of news as it happens, so make sure you head back on the day.

What are you hoping to see from Nokia and Microsoft? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

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