Nokia Lumia 928 confirmed, as metallic 'Catwalk' 925 spied

Nokia has shown off its new Windows Phone device in an official ad, as another model is rumoured.

Nokia's long-rumoured Lumia 928 has finally entered the realm of the real, as the Finnish phone-maker has shown off its new Lumia toy in an official teaser image.

The snap, hosted on Nokia's website, doesn't mention the suffix '928', but that name does appear in the site's URL, and is also given in a magazine ad spotted by Engadget.

The picture bears the tagline, "capture the highlights", tipping that -- as with previous Lumia mobiles -- the 928 will be making a big noise about its camera features.

That snapper-centric 'focus' (geddit, geddit?) was given away by a billboard ad a few days ago, that promised the phone would have, "the best low-light smart phone camera."

Whispered to be a revamped version of the Lumia 920 , the 928 is tipped to be thinner, with an OLED display.

One thing we don't know is whether the 928 will ever arrive on British shores. The magazine ad mentioned above bears a 'Verizon' logo, all-but-confirming that the phone will be headed to that particular network. The image on Nokia's site has no such branding, so we'll keep our fingers crossed until we hear more.

Lumia 925 'Catwalk'

As if that wasn't enough Lumia-scented excitement for one Tuesday, a leaked snap has surfaced that purportedly shows another Nokia phone, this one the rumoured 'Catwalk' device. Chinese site Windows Phone Bar published the above image, which, as per earlier rumours, looks like a phone with a metal construction.

Intriguingly, the site seems to suggest that the 925 and the 928 could be one and the same, with the 928 ending up as a Verizon-specific variant. As the 928 is tipped to be lighter than existing Lumia phones, a metal body could be part of that.

If true, that would likely mean we'll see the 925 confirmed for the UK at Nokia's next event -- which takes place a week today in London  -- while our US cousins on Verizon enjoy the 928.

For now, then, everything is up in the air. While we wait a week for more official word from Nokia, let me know what you'd like to see next from the Lumia line in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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