Nikon Coolpix S1100pj and S5100: Light of your life

Nikon is lighting up our lives again with the new Coolpix S5100 and S1100pj -- the prettiest point-and-shoot to pack a projector

Nikon is lighting up our lives again with the new Coolpix S5100 and S1100pj cameras. The pj has nothing to do with a blind Geordie rapper -- it stands for projector.

The 14.1-megapixel Coolpix S1100pj packs a 5x zoom and 7mm (3-inch) touchscreen. It's the successor to the S1000pj , the first camera to include a projector, and it's been prettified over the first camera's blocky look.

The new model can project your pictures and videos at 14 lumens brightness, which is brighter than the S1000's 10 lumens. You can add music, animation and transitions to slideshows for projections, and write with your finger on the screen even as you project pictures on the wall.

Along with the Fujifilm W3 also announced today, the S1100pj marks the second generation of cameras with unusual selling points we spotted last year. Projectors are also starting to light up the phone world, with the Samsung Beam i8520 and LG eXpo .

Nikon also announced the Coolpix S5100, pictured above, an affordable 12-megapixel snapper. It shoots 720p video and boasts a 5x zoom lens, image stabilisation and a new flash control system.

You'll be able to buy black or green versions of the illuminated S1100 from 16 September, for a princely £350. Prices and availability for the S5100 are yet to be confirmed, but it will come in black and blue.

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