New Year's Day was the biggest ever for Facebook

Users uploaded 600 million photos in one day -- the most ever for the social network.


Facebook users uploaded 600 million photos on New Year's Day, making it the biggest upload day for the social network so far.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed the figure today during the company's earnings call, highlighting Instagram's contribution to Facebook's mobile strategy. He did not say if that figure included uploads by Instagram users, but said the network "continued growing very quickly and hopefully we'll have some new milestones to share there soon."

No one on the call asked Zuckerberg about Instagram, which Facebook acquired last year, despite the photo-sharing site taking heat for a privacy debacle in early December. A change in Instagram's terms of service caused a privacy panic, with users pledging to quit the service in fear their images would be used in advertisements. The stir prompted Instagram to restore its original terms of service and issue an apology.

The onslaught of New Year's Day photos noted by Zuckerberg today adds to Facebook's total number uploaded to the site -- 219 billion photos as of October.

Correction, 3:36 p.m. PT:The original article incorrectly characterized where the number of photos were uploaded to.

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