New Mac Pro hits UK in December, starting at £2,499

Apple's newest version of the Mac Pro will be out before Christmas, but you'd best start saving now.

Apple's new Mac Pro will be out in December, the company has confirmed -- just in time for Christmas.

You might want to think twice before stuffing this sultry black computer inside a relative's stocking however, as Apple's latest device will set you back a huge amount of cash.

Apple confirmed that to get a new Mac Pro with a 3.7GHz quad-core Xeon processor, 256GB of PCIe-based flash storage and 12GB of RAM would you set you back an eye-watering £2,499 in the UK. Expect to pay much more if you want more powerful hardware.

Apple's latest Mac Pro was announced way back in June , at Apple's WWDC conference. At the time we noted -- correctly -- that it looks like Darth Vader's bin.

The tubular computer stands 9.9 inches tall and measures 6.6 inches across, with just one fan built into the top of the machine.

Inside there's an Intel Xeon E5 chipset, with up to 12 cores of processing grunt at your disposal. It also supports up to three 4K displays, which should be enough for any sane individual.

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