New LG Google TVs incoming at CES 2013

LG has announced it will be unveiling some more Google TVs at CES

Google TV hasn't really taken off on these shores, but LG is getting behind the technology for next year. It's just announced more G-powered TV sets are on the way, Engadget reports. So what can we expect? A greater range of sizes, sleeker designs, and more features. Could 2013 be the year Google TV finally breaks through?

LG's Google TVs will come in a greater range of sizes next year, from 42-inches all the way up to 60. So that should satisfy all but the most demanding (or pushed for space) telly addict.

Thinner bezels are also on the cards, proving less distracting from the screen, and the sets will come with more distinctive stands.

On the software side, they'll be voice-enabled, which is something Apple is rumoured to be working on for its upcoming iTV . And OnLive support will come straight out of the box, so you can play games from a host of consoles online without cluttering up your lounge.

LG's Magic Remote will also come with the sets, so you can change channel by turning the wheel, and carry out commands by gesturing with it like a Wiimote. Good stuff.

Sony was the first to launch Google TV here in the UK. Since then, it's all gone a bit quiet. Smart TVs have suffered from clunky interfaces and competing platforms, and with competition from YouView and the rumoured Apple TV, Google has a lot to do to get it right.

What do you think of Google TV so far? Bit of a let-down? Or is it too early to write it off? Let me know in the comments, or on Facebook.

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