New iPhone 4 snapped in factory photos

Photos snapped in a Brazilian factory appear to show a new version of the iPhone 4, possibly a cheaper 8GB version.

Sneaky-lookin' spy shots have emerged from a Brazilian factory showing what appears to be a new version of the iPhone, rocking a casing remarkably similar to that of the current iPhone 4 .

The photos were snapped in a Foxconn factory by Gizmodo's Brazilian site and while the casing appears to be your bog-standard iPhone 4, a peek at the accompanying document shows an unusual model number: 'N90A'.

N90A is hotly tipped to be the model number for a slightly tweaked iPhone 4. The iPhone 4's own code is N90, so the N90A is likely to be a slightly altered version of the iPhone we already have, possibly a cheaper 8GB model, 9to5Mac reports.

If this turns out to be a lower capacity iPhone 4, it's likely it will be unveiled tomorrow alongside a new, hopefully more exciting mobile.

That other phone could be the iPhone 4S , which is supposedly similar in style to the iPhone 4 but with beefier components, akin to the step-up from the iPhone 3G to the 3GS.

Apple fans will be crossing their fingers for a radical redesign though. The iPhone 5 is rumoured to rock a curved back and a more powerful camera. We'd love to see a fresh design, simply because it makes it easier to tell the little blighters apart.

By making a cheaper version of the iPhone 4, Apple will be looking to lure phone buyers who don't have massive piles of disposable cash. At the moment Android smart phones are a shade cheaper than the iPhone, so Samsung, HTC and co should be on their guard if Apple is making a cheaper version of its desirable blower.

What do you think Apple will be announcing tomorrow ? Let us know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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