New Apple iPod touch: Talks to your shoes

Next up from the Jobsinator: the new iPod touch. Adding integrated volume controls on the side and a built-in speaker, it's got a touch of Genius too

Next up from the Jobsinator is the new iPod touch. It boasts the same 91mm (3.6-inch) display as the current model, but is thinner and made of contoured stainless steel. It adds integrated volume controls on the side and a built-in speaker, which is pretty impressive on something this svelte.

Other built-in functions include Genius playlist creation , access to the App store and Nike + iPod software. The receiver is also onboard, so you just need a transmitter and the iPod can talk to your shoe. Amazing!

Wi-Fi is in the house, as before. The user interface has been tweaked with better artwork.

And for anyone who says Apple doesn't do games, Spore is coming to the touch, with a cut-down version called Spore: Origins. Other titles include Real Soccer 2009 and Need For Speed. They're all controlled by tilting the touch, and by making gestures on the screen.

The touch, described as "the funnest iPod ever", comes in 8GB flavour for £169, 16GB for £219 or 32GB for £279, from the Apple Store today. -Rich Trenholm

Update: Read our full Apple iPod touch (2nd gen) review here.

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