New Apple iPod nano: Shake it to wake it

The new iPod nano is the thinnest yet, with a curved aluminium design, high-res screen, accelerometer and a clever implementation of Apple's new Genius idea

Out in San Francisco, Steve Jobs has unveiled a new iPod classic, packing 120GB -- that's 30,000 songs by Jobsy's maths -- for £179. But all eyes are on the new iPod nano, the thinnest iPod yet, boasting an oval profile. It has a curved aluminium design with curved glass in the screen, which is the same high resolution screen as the current wider model.

Features include voice recording when it detects a mic and the ability to use the newly-announced Genius feature in the nano itself. If you push and hold the centre button, a menu pops up that lets you start genius playlists, add songs, and browse artists or albums.

One clever addition is the accelerometer, which allows for assorted cool business such as Cover Flow appearing when you turn the nano on its side. Photos also rotate and shaking it shuffles your tracks.

They come in nine pretty colours, with the 8GB model costing £109 and 16GB costing £149. New accessories include $79 (£45) headphones with an inline remote control. -Rich Trenholm

Update: Read our full Apple iPod nano (4th gen) review here.

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