Netflix Android-bound via future Snapdragon devices

The on-demand movie and TV streaming service is finally coming to Android, thanks to Qualcomm's processor technology.

Future Android devices featuring the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor will see the Netflix application. Engadget

Qualcomm announced this week that future Android devices running Qualcomm's Snapdragon platform will have support for streaming television shows and movies through Netflix. The on-demand service has long been a desired feature for phones and tablets.

Currently, the only Netflix option for Android users is to watch through Google TV. According to a press release issued yesterday, the holdup was due to security concerns within the platform. Thanks to its optimized Snapdragon chipset, Qualcomm claims it can deliver dynamic performance and DRM protection to content providers while giving Netflix the necessary security.

There is no indication just yet as to which of today's current Snapdragon devices will see the Netflix application. One might assume that the app will eventually hit many of today's top Android devices, but there are no other official statements. Unofficially, Engadget has been told that current handsets lack the required DRM libraries.

That news will disappoint owners of smartphones such as the Droid Incredible,Evo 4G, and so on. The first phone that is likely to see the Netflix app could be Verizon's LG Revolution, although this is not confirmed. The Revolution was spotted running the app back in January at CES and is the same phone that Engadget came across today at Mobile World Congress.

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