MySpace 'Mashup' adds Facebook Connect

Things certainly have changed in the social world, as MySpace tries to rebrand itself as a social entertainment site with Facebook's technology.

When MySpace users hit the Facebook Connect button, Facebook will send over all the things they've "liked" on Facebook and integrate that data into MySpace topic pages.
When MySpace users hit the Facebook Connect button, Facebook will send over all the things they've "liked" on Facebook and integrate that data into MySpace topic pages (click for larger image). MySpace

MySpace further acknowledged today that social-media activity has shifted elsewhere by announcing a deal that lets MySpace users get updates from the place they are actually using: Facebook.

MySpace held a "Webinar" for the media to announce "Mashup with Facebook," which basically just means that MySpace users can use Facebook Connect to get updates streamed to their MySpace accounts from things they have "liked" on Facebook. It's not the first time MySpace has used its larger competitor's technology, but it's the most broad implementation of a strategy that makes it clear that the first round of the social-network battles are over.

New MySpace CEO Mike Jones hosted the conference call to discuss the move. He was accompanied by Facebook's Dan Rose, vice president of partnerships and platform marketing, on the call, who compared MySpace's use of "Mashup" to really any Web site that uses data from Facebook Connect to personalize their sites with that social data.

After a slow decline as Facebook grew, MySpace is trying to stop comparisons to Facebook by rebranding itself as a "social entertainment" site full of updates on celebrities, new songs from bands, and other content geared around the entertainment industry. Adding Facebook's broad array of "likes" gives MySpace users a quick way to assemble that data they have probably already curated over at Facebook, assuming they prefer MySpace's user interface.

Why people wouldn't just follow their favorite bands and actors on Facebook--especially if they've already updated their Facebook profiles with all of those "likes"--is a little confusing. But MySpace needs to try something to stem the loss of traffic, and asking users to fill out yet another social-networking profile page might be too daunting a task.

MySpace is rolling out the feature to existing users around the world today, and returning users will also see the option to link their Facebook profiles when they log in. It also said that it will start using Facebook's Like button to allow MySpace users to share things they find on MySpace with their Facebook networks.

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