Motorola EX225 Facebook phone incoming?

An image has surfaced showing a Motorola handset with a Facebook button. Is it following HTC by releasing a handset with FB fully integrated?

Motorola could well be following HTC and INQ by releasing a Facebook phone. Strange, since now Motorola is owned by Google, and Google+ is a direct competitor to Facebook, but we suppose the process of making the phone started way before the big G laid down its cash for Moto.

Named the Motorola EX225, it's a QWERTY keyboard-toting handset. And if you peer at the bottom left of the phone as it faces you, you can see a (rather blurry) blue Facebook button for instant access to your status updates, news feed and more. Updating the world on what you had for tea doesn't get much easier than this.

It was spotted by Boy Genius Reports on the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, the people who verify the specs for Bluetooth. It doesn't reveal much of the way in specs, apart from the fact it's 3G, with a 3-megapixel camera, that aforementioned keypad, and a 2.4-inch TFT display. It'll also be able to take two SIM cards at once; one for business, one for pleasure, if you like.

There's no specific mention of the Facebook button, but the short description does say it's "a product for trendy generation [sic] who enjoy connecting to the world anytime, anywhere, and multimedia services on the go."

There's also no mention of an operating system, it just says all of the above will be "easy as via a fully personalized UI." The poor grammar suggests this has been translated from another language, and so might never see UK shores. But that wouldn't rule out the possibility of Motorola launching a Facebook phone in Britian.

Google bought Motorola last month for about £7.6 billion to "supercharge" Android.

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