Moto X to join iPhone 5 with nano-SIM card -- report

If leaked images are to be believed, Apple's nano-SIM technology will be bundled in the upcoming Motorola handset.


The upcoming Moto X is taking a cue from the iPhone 5, according to a new report.

Mobile site GSM Insider posted an image on Tuesday showing a nano-SIM tray and card that it claims, is from the upcoming Moto X.

The battle over which company would provide the nano-SIM spec was a long and drawn-out one that Apple finally won last year. A few months later, the company announced that the iPhone 5 would be the first handset to use its nano-SIM technology. Because it was adopted as the standard spec by the mobile industry, any other smartphone maker must use that if they want to include a nano-SIM in their products.

For current users of the micro-SIM, the Moto X inclusion might be bad news. Since the Moto X won't support current SIM cards, users won't be able to pick up the handset and quickly pop their cards into the device. Instead, a new, nano-SIM will be needed.

Of course, whether the Moto X will actually come with the nano-SIM remains to be seen -- neither Google nor Motorola has indicated what the device will offer. We'll find out Thursday, though, when Google holds a press event showcasing the Moto X. And as always, CNET will be there to cover every last second.

(Via The Verge)

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