Mosaic fire pit looks nicer than a hole in the ground

Simple and elegant mosaic fire pit adds warmth to the backyard.

Simple and elegant mosaic fire pit adds warmth to the backyard. Frontgate

Like fire? Have a backyard? Would you like to have a fire in your backyard? Well, you could dig a pit deep enough to safely contain a large conflagration, but that could get messy, not to mention deep--like deep in the ground. And you'd have to bend down to clean out ashes, and it is a hole in the ground after all. I don't know about you, but holes in the ground tend to sneak up on me.

Fear not, my fire pit friends. The Slate-and-marble Mosaic-top Gas Fire Pit from Frontgate takes all your pyromaniacal urges into consideration and harnesses them safely into a stylish design. A slide out drawer holds a 20-pound liquid propane tank that safely fires up the ceramic logs on top. The top is made of mosaic with solid marble edge detailing. The base is contoured, rustproof, and made of fiberglass-reinforced resin.

Pretty sweet, all in all, except for the fact that it cost $1,500. Not crazy expensive, but still... However, it does look nice, doesn't it? Sitting around a fire, enjoying the dwindling day, perhaps a glass of wine and some marshmallows on a stick. All good things. Except personally, I'm probably still gonna opt for that $15 shovel and a deep hole in the ground.

via: Appliancist

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