Minecraft for iPhone out tomorrow

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is out on iOS tomorrow, bringing world-crafting fun to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is out on iOS tomorrow, bringing world-crafting fun to your iPhone , iPad or iPod touch , MCV reports. Can you dig it?

Mine over matter

Minecraft sees players plonked into a randomly generated space where everything is made out of pixellated bricks, leaving you to shape the world into whatever you fancy.

Want to build a massive stone statue out to sea as a tribute to the Sun god Ra? You can do that. Have an urge to tunnel underground and build yourself a super-villain volcano base? Also possible.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition has been out for a while now on Android , and it first arrived as an exclusive title for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play , the much-anticipated but ultimately pants 'PlayStation phone'.

Hi-ho, hi-OS

If the iOS edition is anything like the Android version (and we suspect it will be), some features that you'd find in the full PC version of the game are missing, including roaming zombies that kill you, and the ability to combine items in your inventory into weird new tools or raw materials. Instead you're limited to 36 types of block with which to construct your utopia.

Oh well. Here's hoping more features get added as an update later on. On the plus side, Minecraft: Pocket Edition supports multiplayer over a local wireless network, so you can hop into your friend's world and knock down his big stupid tower, as punishment for being such a stupid jerk.

It's likely going to cost you around £5 to download the game, which is a good deal of money for an app. We'll be conducting extensive tests over the next few days (all in the name of science), and we're hoping that for that much dosh the game proves a worthy timewaster.

Are you excited? Or will you be mining your own business when the game is released tomorrow? Tell us in the comments below, on our Facebook wall or via our Google+ page.

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