Microsoft Surface tiptoes into Verizon store display cases

Microsoft's Surface tablet has an inconspicuous presence at Verizon stores. So inconspicuous that you'll probably miss it. And, oh yeah, it's not for sale anyway.

Microsoft's Surface tablet is used as a promotional tool at Verizon stores. It's not for sale -- at least not yet.
Microsoft's Surface tablet is used as a promotional tool at Verizon stores. It's not for sale -- at least not yet. Brooke Crothers

Microsoft Surface has arrived in Verizon stores, but that doesn't mean you can walk out with one.

And chances are you won't even notice it. That's because it's not for sale.

Verizon is using the tablet to showcase the Windows and Windows Phone experience -- but that's about all for now.

"We are delighted that Verizon have chosen Surface for use in their stores, however, we have nothing further to share at this time," a Microsoft spokesperson told CNET. Verizon declined to comment.

There had been some speculation that Verizon would launch sales of the tablet along with Staples and Best Buy but that hasn't happened.

And even at Best Buy stores availability is spotty. Select Best Buy stores have them in-store, others don't yet, according to a Best Buy sales rep in Los Angeles.

Microsoft's first branded PC product was launched on October 26 and sold exclusively at Microsoft stores until last week.

As distribution widens, sales are expected to pick up. An analyst at IHS-iSuppli recently told CNET that the tablet got off to a "respectable start" considering its limited distribution.

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