Microsoft getting open source religion in the Philippines?

Why is Microsoft setting up an open-source interop lab in the Philippines?

Just what is an satellite open-source network lab? And why have it in the Philippines? Whatever it means, and whatever the reason, it's apparently coming soon to a Manilla near you.

It sounds like a small-scale edition of Bill Hilf's Linux interoperability lab in Redmond. It is designed to provide a place to test interoperability of Microsoft's products with open-source projects. (Hint: There is another lab for this. It's called the web. It "employs" open-source developers who do this all...for free!)

But maybe this satellite will be different. Perhaps native Filipinos will take turns imitating Bill? I'll move to the Philippines if I can get a job doing that. :-)

If I moved there, though, would I have to drink Microsoft's Kool-Aid like the Microsoft Philippines country manager has? He says:

We really don't compete with the open source development and the licensing process. Competition is with open source products.

Keep telling yourselves that. Comfy, isn't it? It's just not true.

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