MeeGo-resurrected Sailfish OS looks slick in video demo

The translucent software is made by Jolla, a company founded by ex-Nokia employees, and will fight Android.

Sailfish OS , the new operating system born of the ashes of MeeGo , has been shown off in a video demo that gives us a first glimpse at what to expect from the slick new software.

The clip below comes courtesy of Jolla, a Finnish startup company that includes ex-Nokia employees . The video shows Sailfish OS' homescreens, which are packed with widgets. There's an intriguing 'ambiance' setting too, which alters your phone's look based on a photo you select.

A second hands-on clip from KickNetwork shows a bit more of the operating system, including access to critical apps like the phone app or camera from the lock screen, conjured by dragging down on the screen. It looks like a very quick way to access apps without having to rummage through menus, which is a definite plus.

You can also get a glimpse at your homescreen from within another app by dragging from the side of the screen, rapidly showing you any new notifications or what's happening with your widgets. If you complete that swipe across the display, you'll move back to the phone's homescreen.

A problem for any new operating system is getting a decent app selection off the ground. The Sailfish wiki claims that many Android apps will run on the new platform with no modification however, which means developers may be able to port their apps across with a minimum of fuss.

Meanwhile tech corp ST-Ericsson is on board to help out with Sailfish's chip requirements though Jolla says, "We welcome other players in the mobile industry to join and contribute to this game-changing movement."

Needless to say, Jolla loses points for using the term 'game-changing', but I can't deny that some of the software tricks on show look really useful, and the whole shebang certainly seems slick.

Jolla doesn't seem to be close to revealing actual devices, or even where and when Sailfish OS will make its debut however, so there's no need to start saving your pennies just yet.

Sailfish OS is born out of MeeGo, the operating system that impressed us when we saw it running on the Nokia N9 . MeeGo was scrapped before the N9 was even released, making it one of the most tragic mobiles in tech history.

Do you think Sailfish OS has potential? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

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