MacAfee Virus Scan 2.0.9 update

MacAfee Virus Scan 2.0.9 update

When comparing anti-virus utilities, a critical feature frequently cited as missing from MacAfee's VirusScan is the ability to detect a virus in a StuffIt archive. This has been corrected with the new version 2.0.9 of VirusScan. However, one reader reported that, when they tried out this new feature with an archive known to be infected, VirusScan failed to detect the virus.

Roy W. Reter already reports a possible conflict with VirusScan: "It locks up Now Up To Date versions 3.6.2 and 3.6. The Now Up To Date splash screen comes up and where there is supposed to be the serial number is garbage. What's weird is that you can still go up under File and select quit, but your calendar file never comes up. This had not been a problem with the older versions of McAfee for the Mac."


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