Lumia PureView coming 'very soon' says Nokia, likely for WP8

Lumia phones are about to get fancy cameras, thanks to Nokia's own PureView tech.

Nokia is cooking up a PureView-powered Lumia phone, having confirmed in an interview that the high-powered camera tech is coming to the Windows Phone-powered range in the near future.

Speaking to Neowin, Nokia's VP of worldwide developer relations Richard Kerris said the PureView camera technology would be coming to the Lumia line "very soon".

That's excellent news, as Nokia's PureView camera tech is the best we've ever seen on a smart phone. My colleague Natasha recently reviewed the Nokia 808 PureView -- the first phone to sport the 41-megapixel snapper system, and concluded that it produced shots that are "very sweet indeed".

Below is an 808 PureView test shot -- click to see the high-res version.

Nokia 808 Pureview camera

The very strong colours of these flowers are complemented by stunning levels of macro detail (click image to enlarge).

If Nokia is plotting a PureView powered Lumia phone in the near future, it can only be a smart phone powered by Windows Phone 8 -- something that leaked slides tipped back in April .

Microsoft recently unveiled Windows Phone 8 and its fancy new homescreen, also breaking the news that existing Windows Phone devices won't be getting the update. Ouch .

If Nokia has anything new in the pipeline, expect it to be powered by Windows Phone 8. The news that a PureView Lumia is en route provides reason enough not to buy the 808 model for now -- that's on top of the Lumia phones you also shouldn't be buying because they won't be updated.

Yep, it's a potentially tough time for Nokia, at least until Windows Phone 8 is released this autumn. Are you excited about a mega-camera Windows Phone 8 device? Tell me in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

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