LG's 5-inch 'unbreakable' bendy plastic phone screen on show

This bendy 5-inch screen is LG's first OLED screen made of plastic, meaning it's flexible and much less vulnerable to drops and scrapes.

LG has long been our go-to gadget maker for bonkers phones, with its see-through phones, ultra-wide phones, slo-mo phones and even an ahead-of-its-time watch phone -- but this might be the craziest thing it's made yet.

This bendy 5-inch screen is LG Display's first OLED screen made of plastic, meaning it's flexible, and crucially for mobile devices, much less vulnerable to drops and scrapes.

The screen goes on show this week in Vancouver at the Society for Information Display's Display Week 2013 show.

LG is pimping what it calls the next generation of TFT technology too, with 5-inch HD screens that have bezels just 1mm thick, which LG says enables "borderless smart phones that are lightweight and emit significantly less heat."

Also on show at SID from the Korean company will be a 55-inch curved OLED TV, Ultra HD 23.8-inch monitors and a Full HD screen for 7-inch tablets with a near-retina 300 pixels per inch.

Last month LG vowed it would have a flexi-screen blower on shop shelves by Christmas, in a race with Samsung's wraparound Youm concept. Apple has been looking for a flexible display expert too, possibly with a view to developing wearable tech.

Can bendy screens get here quick enough? Or are they just a gimmick? Bounce down to the comments, or over to our flexible Facebook page.

Image credit: Engadget

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