LG's 2013 TV lineup to feature NFC, updated smart services

LG's 2013 smart TV range will feature NFC tags for quick pairing, updated smart services and super-slim bezels.

LG has taken the covers off its new lineup of Google-powered smart TVs, ahead of the ceremonial unveiling at CES next week. The new models promise improved smart software, razor-thin bezels and, most interestingly, NFC capabilities.

The NFC tags found on the 2013 tellies will enable you to easily transfer videos and photos from your phone to the big screen, simply by tapping them together. In theory, it saves time and avoids frustration by not making you dive in and out of clumsy menus each time you want to pair your phone. It's potentially a very useful feature, but whether it works seamlessly in practice remains to be seen.

The TVs also feature wireless video-boinging technology called Miracast. This allows you to stream content from supported phones and tablets, or just duplicate whatever is on your screen over the air, so you can view your cherished phone snaps on a big display without the fuss of cables.

LG has apparently given its smart software a kick up the proverbial too. The homescreen supposedly provides faster access to your favourite channels, apps and "quick access to what’s trending on news sites as well as up-to-the-minute weather information." Not exactly groundbreaking, but probably handy nonetheless.

The TVs will also come with LG's Magic Remote, which lets you point a cursor around the screen as you do with the Nintendo Wii. We've previously seen the remote in action on earlier TVs and found it quite fun to use. LG claims the remote has received various updates, chiefly improved voice recognition. We'll find out if the updates are any good when we go hands-on at CES.

Super-slim bezels and minimalist stands are out in force on the new lineup too and of course 3D capabilities are built in as standard. A range of sizes will be on show at CES in Vegas next week, but we'll have to wait a bit longer to find out what models will be offered here in Blighty and how much money we'll have to part with in order to get one.

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