LG Nexus 4 due on 29 October say reports, as new pics leak

LG's rumoured Nexus device will reportedly launch this month -- but how plausible is that? Luke assesses the evidence in this news video.


LG's rumoured Nexus phone could be with us by the end of the month, as reports suggest the raw-Android smart phone will reveal itself on 29 October.

French site Le Figaro says that's when LG's Nexus effort will get a "worldwide release", which could just mean outside of France, as a coordinated debut on a single date is a tricky task for any manufacturer.

29 October is also when Windows Phone 8 is set for launch , which means that day would be an odd choice for LG -- if it does show off a new smart phone on this date, it risks having its thunder nicked by Microsoft's tile-based operating system.

Perhaps LG is boldly gambling on drawing more attention than Windows Phone can -- a new Nexus device is an exciting prospect, after all. With the number of leaks increasing rapidly, it feels as though a proper unveiling can't be far off. 

The Verge spotted LG's mystery mobile showing up in Carphone Warehouse's inventory system bearing the moniker 'LG Nexus 4'. That could just be a codename the retailer is using in its internal database, but this would be the fourth Nexus phone (following the Nexus One, Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus), so the name makes sense. It's listed as coming in black or white.

The snaps above come via Pocketnow and give us a clearer look at the phone's design -- I'm enjoying the chrome loop around the device's edge (and how brilliant is that sunken ship wallpaper?), but the sequin-effect rear is looking less flashy in these photos than it did in earlier snaps .

Rumoured specs point to a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, 8-megapixel camera and a 768x1,184-pixel resolution screen.

Are you intrigued? Let me know whether you'd splash out on this smart phone in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

Image credit: Pocketnow

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