LG KF600 and KF700: We touch the touchscreens

LG has gone touchscreen mad and unveiled a plethora of fingerprint-attracting phones out here in Barcelona. We spent yesterday with our hands all over them

Love them or loathe them, touchscreen phones are here to stay and LG has unveiled a whole bunch at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, including this curious looking phone, the LG KF600.

Why have one screen when you can have two -- that seems to be the reasoning behind the KF600's design. The top screen acts as a normal display, where you can view all of your phone's content, and the bottom one serves as a navigation pad.

Unlike a normal navigation pad that stays static, though, the KF600's changes depending on what you're using on the phone. If you're in the menu, then navigation keys pop up. If you're using the music player, then -- you guessed it -- music keys appear.

It's an interesting idea, but we're not sure it's the best way of navigating around a phone's interface, even if it looks cool. Having played around with it, we can imagine some people yearning for a standard four-way button after a few months of using it.

The LG KF600 will be out at the end of February on T-Mobile and Orange. Click on the next page for more information and pictures of the LG KF600 and the LG KF700. -Andrew Lim

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