LG Jil Sander WP handset is ready for its close-up

An upcoming LG WP7 handset bearing fashion label Jil Sander's branding has been spotted in official press pics. Strut this way for more.

Darling! You look simply fabulous! Mwah! Maybe we should be chastising this LG Jil Sander designer-label phone for missing London Fashion Week, but then we suppose it's just fashionably late.

This Windows Phone handset is certainly a looker, and will most probably have some exclusive Jil Sander content on board to suit the refined palates of fashion fanatics, Pocket Now reports. But there's plenty for us tech types to get our teeth into too. Come this way for more. And don't worry, you'll be fine in your jeans.

It's a refresh of the LG Optimus 7 , but bizarrely LG has decided to make it slightly larger (ostentatious, these fashionistas), yet at the same time almost 15g lighter. Advances in technology, we suppose. Or a lettuce-only diet.

The specs are practically identical to the Optimus 7, with a 3.8-inch, 480x800-pixel screen, and a 5-megapixel camera capable of 720p video. There's no word on what exactly the Jil Sander content will consist of, but expect fashion news and information on upcoming collections. Also expect a price tag that's far higher than the Optimus 7's.

The Optimus 7 impressed us back in our review , earning three and a half stars, so the new branding and slightly lighter weight aren't going to hurt what's already a solid handset. Here's hoping it'll ship with Windows Phone Mango software on board as well -- it's available now , after all.

Would you be tempted by a phone with a fashion house's endorsement? Let us know on our achingly fashionable Facebook page.

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