LG IPS 21:9 Ultrawide All-In-One PC is very wide indeed

LG's new ultra-wide all-in-one PC has an aspect ratio of 21:9, so should be ideal for watching films.

If you want to get this feller through the door of your house, you'd better turn him sideways. LG has made computer monitors before with a 21:9 aspect ratio, but this is the company's first all-in-one PC at those dimensions.

It's a proper wide boy, and it's known as the V960. Or, to use its full name, the IPS 21:9 Ultrawide All-In-One PC. Which tells you what it is pretty comprehensively. It'll be on show at next week's tech fest IFA in Berlin, where we'll be on hand to bring you all the news as it happens.

LG will also show off some natty new 21:9 monitors, which have already sprung up on its UK site, I see.

The all-in-one PC features a 29-inch display with a resolution of 2,560x1080 pixels, as well as a TV tuner, and Nvidia GeForce GT graphics. It'll run Windows 8, so expect colourful tiles aplenty.

So what's the point of a screen as wide as this? It's all about aspect ratio. You can watch anamorphic films on a screen like this with no stretching them out or letterboxing. It'll also be handier for multitasking, according to LG, that is. Using the Extra View feature, you can assign a portion of the screen to show a TV schedule, or another application. And the 4-Screen Split feature lets you divide the display four ways, with something different in each window.

The monitor has an adjustable stand, too, so you can set it up as you see fit.

LG claims to have seen a "huge increase" in interest in this area from us punters over the last year. Though Philips discontinued its range of 21:9 TVs last year, so obviously not everyone's enamoured with this stretched-out format.

Would you buy a monitor or TV this wide? Let me know in the comments, or on our ultra-widescreen Facebook page.

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