LG G Flex curves and heals itself, but UK launch unlikely

LG is flexing its innovation muscles with the new LG G Flex, with a 6-inch 720p curved screen to fit snugly round your phizzog.

LG is flexing its innovation muscles with the new LG G Flex, with the Korean company apparently confirming rumours of a bendy new blower. The G Flex boasts a 6-inch 720p curved screen to fit snugly round your phizzog -- but British bonces should expect to remain sadly uncuddled.

The G Flex was named by industry sources talking to my colleague Roger Cheng at CNET News earlier this month, and was confirmed in a release on a Korean news wire site that has since mysteriously disappeared.

Before it vanished, the release promised cutting-edge specs to go with the outrageous screen -- a meaty 2.26GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM and a mahoosive 3,500mAh battery. Its lithe chassis measures a slender 7.9 to 8.7mm thick, depending on where you place your tape measure.

Sassily, LG promised "Wolverine-like" healing powers, with a scratch-resistant cover that can magically remove blemishes "within minutes". The adamantium-skeletoned X-Man is a trademark of Marvel Comics, of course, and this may be the reason for the press release's disappearance.

When I contacted LG to find out if the curvaceous gadget will be making its way to the UK, a spokesperson could only divulge, "the LG G Flex is not confirmed for the UK market yet."

LG's not the only phone-maker with an eye for a curve -- Samsung's new Galaxy Round is also bendy, but from left to right rather than top to bottom like the G Flex. Samsung's new ad compares it to an egg, an hourglass and an avocado. Naturally.

Would you wrap a curvy phone round your chops? Or is the whole idea simply preposterous? What do you make of the self-healing cover? Throw me a curveball in the comments, or on our straight-arrow Facebook page.

Update: LG has sent out another version of the press release, confirming the G Flex is a real thing, with those specs. It'll be on sale in Korea in November, but there are no details yet on a UK launch. Tellingly, the reference to Wolverine has been removed.

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