Lego Lord of the Rings sets astound in hands-on video

Check out our hands-on video of seven new-to-the-UK Lego Lord of the Rings sets, complete with Lego Gandalf.


One ring to rule them all, and in the darkness build them! Yes, here's a sight for Sauron's eyes -- we've gone hands-on with the yet-to-be-released Lord of the Rings Lego sets ahead of their UK release. Hit play in the video above to see what manner of Uruk-hai-jinks Lego has in store for Tolkien fans.

There are seven sets in total in the Lord of the Rings range, including a horse-drawn Gandalf, Sam and Frodo battling Shelob, and -- if you've got £100 going spare -- the epic battle of Helm's Deep, recreated in tiny plastic blocks, complete with catapults and siege ladders. Smeagol-eyed viewers will even spot space for a tiny Lego Gollum.

I was impressed with the sets themselves, many of which feature some moving parts, though there's none of that motor-powered technical Lego in sight. Most of the action will be taking place in your imagination, but that's where it belongs, surely?

There are some great touches on show though, especially the creepy faceless Ringwraiths, and the way the Hobbit figures are considerably shorter than a regular Lego man. There are a few oddities too -- I'm not sure why the Orc Forge was chosen as a scene to recreate, and I doubt even the Silmarillion could explain Lego Shelob's rear-protruding winch-able hook web.

Why is Lego only just now making a Lord of the Rings range of sets when the movies came out yonks ago, you might ask. I suspect it's to drum up enthusiasm in Middle-earth brick-building ahead of The Hobbit taking to the big screen later this year.

Lego is planning a slew of Hobbit-themed sets for the film's release, so expect to see many more tiny plastic dwarves before the year is out. We'll be Gil-Galad to see them, but in the meantime the sets shown above should cater to your fantasy Lego kicks.

All the sets come out in August -- will you be pre-Mordoring? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

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