Kodak Zi8: Mini-camcorder market hots up

The budget camcorder market has lurched into gear with the announcement of the Kodak Zi8, a new high-definition shooter

Kodak has fired the latest salvo in the increasingly competitive mini-camcorder market as it unleashes the Zi8.

The Zi8 records full 1080p high-definition video at 30 frames per second. Footage is stored on SD or SDHC card up to 32GB, which Kodak reckons will get you up to 10 hours of footage.

Features include electronic image stabilisation and smart face tracking. There's an external microphone jack for recording stereo sound, and you get an HDMI cable in the box. Nice -- camcorders at three times the price don't bundle HDMI cables, and it's a disgrace. An optional remote control is also available to let you record from a distance or control playback on your TV.

The Zi8 is the successor to the Zi6 -- wot, no Zi7? -- which was one of the first of this burgeoning market segment to go HD. Samsung recently entered the fray with the HMX-U10 , but the game still belongs to the Flip Mino and Flip Ultra, according to Amazon's bestseller chart.

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