Koala iPad mount lets you stick it to your bathroom

The removable Koala iPad wall mount promises to leave your walls in good condition while letting you stick your tablet just about anywhere, even the loo.

Koala Mount
It's not as cuddly as its namesake. Dockem

I confess. I sometimes set my iPad on the bathroom counter and watch "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" episodes with closed captions turned on while I take a shower. No, it's not an elegant solution. There's a danger of shower splashing, or knocking it over while toweling off. I should probably be looking into acquiring a Koala Mount instead.

The $20 Koala Mount from Dockem is advertised as "damage-free," meaning you could potentially stick them all over your apartment and still have a good shot at recovering your security deposit when you move out. The Koala works with all iPad generations, even the iPad Mini, as well as several popular Android tablets.

There are endless mounting options for your iPad, though wall mounts can be a little more challenging. Many wall mounts require power tools for installation, or make you attach part of the device to your tablet. The Koala Mount uses 3M Command Strips. which can be applied and removed without damaging your walls. It also has a hidden clip to corral your cord.

You can add a pack of water- and heat-resistant adhesive strips to the package for an additional $3.99. You'll want to use those bad boys for your bathroom mounting solution so it will survive your steamy showers.

The Koala Mount isn't particularly fancy, but it looks capable of doing its job with a minimal amount of fuss. It's just up to you as to what you want to stick it to.

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