Kilo: We want to ride this glow-in-the-dark bike

Crave explores Kilo, one of the first mass-produced glow-in-the-dark bicycles to hit the pavement.

Our last hope against distracted nighttime drivers? (Click to enlarge.) Pure Fix Cycles

Safely riding a bike at night requires a bright headlight and reflectors at the very minimum, but Kilo, labeled as "the very first glow-in-the-dark bike," could change the game.

The concept of a glow-in-the-dark bike isn't totally new, as Zach Schau, co-founder of Kilo's parent company Pure Fix Cycles acknowledged in a phone call with Crave. Schau did suggest, however, that Kilo represents the first mass-produced glow-in-the-dark bicycle at a low price point (Puma experimented with the idea in 2008, but that version cost more than a grand).

To get the look, Pure Fix Cycles dressed up Kilo with a coat of phosphorescent paint capable of glowing in the dark for several hours. The Los Angeles-based bicycle crafter notes that an hour's worth of sun exposure gives the bike an hour of nighttime glowing gusto. Schau said the company plans to offer more colors and configuration options (e.g. glowing wheels) soon in its upcoming GLOW line of bicycles.

At $399, the luminous Kilo probably sounds a bit pricey to the average budget-conscious biking Joe. In the world of designer bicycles, though, Kilo's price actually seems reasonable for a bike that glows as green as the atomic sludge seen in cartoons. A European company named 8bar sells a very similar glow-in-the-dark bicycle for 1,248 euros ($1,541).

Getting around on the fixed-gear Kilo would require a little more effort than a conventional multigear setup, but at least it comes with a flip-flop hub so you can turn the wheel around for an easier ride (depending on the terrain). Would you buy a glow-in-the-dark bicycle?

Calling Kilo neon green seems like an understatement. (Click to enlarge.) Pure Fix Cycles

Correction, 4:43 p.m. PT:An earlier version of this story misstated the price of the Kilo. It costs $399.

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