Keith Harris & Orville in nuts GiffGaff unlock a chicken rap

GiffGaff has recruited Keith Harris and Orville to free you from lengthy phone contracts and help some chickens. We've no idea why.

I wish I could get out of my phone contract but I can't. Yes you can -- that's the message from budget phone network GiffGaff, which has recruited Keith Harris and Orville to free you from lengthy phone contracts -- and help some chickens at the same time.

There is absolutely nothing about this that makes any sense, but some days are like that. Click play on the video to see Keith and Orville busting rhymes and busting out of chicken chokey.

Fine feathered friend Orville promotes GiffGaff's 'Unlock a phone, Unlock a chicken' campaign. GiffGaff promises to rescue a battery hen for every user that signs up to the budget network.

We have no idea why this is happening. But it is, so let's just enjoy it.

GiffGaff is a network that offers insanely cheap calls without a contract, saving money by enlisting you and your fellow GiffGaffers to provide customer support via the forums, and recruiting new customers by word of mouth. When you sign up, you get phone credit or cash for helping others in the forums and for signing up new GiffGaffers.

GiffGaff suffered a few problems at the end of last year with new customers finding their SIM cards took ages to activate. GiffGaff assures us those problems are now resolved.

The discount network is part of O2 and uses its network, and is one of the few phone companies to offer proper unlimited data, with no fair-use policy.

And it helps chickens.

Have you had a good deal from GiffGaff? Should all phone networks do more to help farmyard animals? If this isn't the best thing you've seen all day, tell us in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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