iPhone day: Refresh. Refresh. And repeat

Next time Apple performs its song and dance I'll be shirking the refreshment chore by handing the reins to pagereboot.com

As a fully paid-up Mac fanboy with an O2 contract and an upgrade due, you can imagine that this morning was like Christmas. The downside of being in the eye of the tech press storm is that nothing is ever much of a surprise, and so it was a bit of an anticlimax when Jobsy unwrapped the present, and it was all I could ever want, only not as good (how much?!).

There's still the big announcement ritual though, as even the most strident PCtards huddle over their favourite gadget blog, calling the plays as the not so revelatory revelations revelate across the web. Our intrepid mobile phone reporter Andrew Lim was in the field, reporting from the Apple store directly to Crave. Across the world, Apple lovers and haters alike read each word, then reached a tremulous finger to their keyboards and hit F5, or to their mouse and hit refresh. And then ten seconds later they did it again.

And again. And again.

If that sounds too much like hard work, you're right, it is. Next time Apple performs its song and dance I'll be shirking the refreshment chore by handing the reins to pagereboot.com. You feed in the URL of the story you're following, set the interval at which you would like the page to be refreshed, and sit back with both hands free to stuff your face with pastries.

Meanwhile I probably will get an iPhone, but I'll hold off so as not to be stung by Apple's infamous early adopter tax. Besides which, O2 will be giving me a new phone in the next few weeks anyway, so I'll wait until I get bored of that... or more likely lose it.

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Rich Trenholm is a senior editor at CNET where he covers everything from phones to bionic implants. Based in London since 2007, he has travelled the world seeking out the latest and best consumer technology for your enjoyment.


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