iPhone and iPad fight the flab with FitBug Air

Get the fitness bug with the Fitbug Air, a clever little pedometer that talks to your iPhone 5 or iPad and helps you stay in shape.

As winter draws in and Christmas approaches, it's harder than ever to stay trim. But you can get the fitness bug with the Fitbug Air, a clever little pedometer that talks to your iPhone 5 or iPad and helps you stay in shape.

The Fitbug Air's 3-axis accelerometer records every step you take, the distance you cover, and the calories you burn on the way.

That data is used to create personalised targets for how much activity you need to get, and how much food you can scoff. Viewed online on an app on your phone, or in texts and emails, the targets adapt dynamically depending on how much you move around and what you eat.

Sign into your account and you can log what you eat too, to give you an accurate picture of how many calories are coming in as well as going out. There are also games and challenges if getting fit doesn't come naturally.

Fit but you know it 

Phone and Fitbug talk to each other via Bluetooth 4.0 so you need a Bluetooth Smart Ready phone or tablet to sync with your Fitbug Air, such as the iPhone 5 and 4S or iPad. Bluetooth 4.0 isn't particularly widespread among Android phones, but support for Android is in the pipeline.

Handily, multiple users can upload their data to one device. So if you and your better half are both looking to get fit, you can upload to one iPad or computer wirelessly with no bother.

Similar products include the clip-on Fitbit One and mini Fitbit Zip, and the Nike Fuelband bracelet. Click here to check out some of our favourite fitness gadgets .

The Fitbug Air costs £50 and includes a year of access to the online service, or £25 up front and £3 per month. It comes in grey, pink or purple and will be unveiled at technology extravaganza CES in the new year. We'll be there so keep it CNET for all the coolest gadgets of 2013!

Do you use gadgets to keep you fit, or has technology made you a sedentary wreck? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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