iPhone 5 transparent concept looks stunning in mock advert

This cool advert for a possible future iPhone 5 shows off sports an 'iClear Retina Display' -- a transparent screen.

I'm looking through you -- you're not the same, as birthday boy Paul McCartney memorably put it. This cool advert for a possible future iPhone 5 definitely isn't the same -- and you can look through it.

The first glimpses of the next iPhone have started to emerge, revealing that the phone is set to have a new widescreen design. Those glimpses, such as the video comparing the prospective iPhone 5 with the current iPhone 4S , may or may not be genuine -- but we know this one's from the realm of pure fantasy.

Click play on the video to see the advert for the gorgeous see-through iPhone concept.

Designed by Apple fan Dakota Adney, this speculative iPhone concept design sports an 'iClear retina display' -- in other words, it's transparent, layering text, apps and games on the clear display.

The see-through screen is handy for taking photos, as well as offering augmented reality, layering information on the screen over whatever's in front of you.

Set the phone down on a flat surface and twin projectors beam a virtual keyboard in front of you, with sensors spotting where you tap and turning that into typing.

If you like the idea of a transparent phone, the designer of this concept has also put together a promo video for a transparent iPad.

For more mind-blowing concept phones, check out our favourite made-up iPhone 5 designs , our favourite made-up iPad designs , a Nokia phone that's a touchscreen all over , and a bendy PaperPhone flexible phone .

We're expecting to see the next iPhone this autumn. Whether it's called the iPhone 5 or the new iPhone, Apple's next blower will be the first to show off iOS 6 , the latest version of i-flavoured software, complete with improved Siri , a new Apple maps app and assorted other improvements.

Would you use a see-through phone? What would you like to see in the iPhone 5? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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