iPhone 4S pops up in packaging snap

The next iPhone will be called the iPhone 4S, if a snap purportedly showing some packaging for the device is to be believed.

With the official launch just days away , a snap purportedly showing the packaging label for the next iPhone has surfaced, suggesting that the much-hyped device will be called the iPhone 4S .

The blurry shot above comes via Cult of Mac, and would suggest that the next iPhone will come with both white and 16GB options, with the official part number MD239F/A. Meanwhile, 9to5Mac reckons the device will come with a dual-core A5 processor.

Could the image above be fake? It wouldn't be a tough Photoshop, though we've already heard whispers that the next iPhone would be a minor upgrade , likely to pack the same basic design as the current iPhone 4 , but possibly with a more powerful processor. After such a long wait, we don't mind admitting we'd be a little peeved if that was the case.

Absolutely nothing about the next iPhone is official at this point, so it's best to take everything you read for now with a spoonful of salt. That said, there are two persistent rumours we've been hearing over the last few months.

One is that we'll be looking at a minor upgrade titled the iPhone 4S , and the second is that the new iPhone will be called the iPhone 5, and will feature a tapered back, more powerful camera and a wider display. In short, it'll be a significant step up from the current iPhone 4.

Which is more likely to be true? Well, why not both? It's possible that Apple will announce two new iPhone models on 4 October, though that's never been the company's style before.

Hold tight gang, only a few more days before we know for certain . Be sure to keep your eyes trained to CNET UK -- and to our Facebook page -- on Tuesday night, for all the news as it unfolds.

Image credit: Cult of Mac

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