iPad gaming wheel gives you something to hang onto

Hang on tight. The iPad is getting a new gaming wheel with sweat-fighting rubber grips.

Kolos gaming wheel
Gamer, take the wheel. Kolos

The iPad is the perfect size for holding in your hands and playing racing games, it's just not very comfortable for long sessions behind the imaginary wheel. Kolos, an iPad racing wheel, is looking to give your sweaty iPad hands a better grip.

The Kolos wheel can be held on its own or attached to a base with an auto-centering mechanism. A table clamp keeps the base secure. The hand grips are made with an anti-perspirant rubber coating for those times when your heart is racing as you take a corner at full speed.

Kolos is aiming to fulfill a $150,000 funding goal on Indiegogo to put the wheel into production. Should the goal be reached, a $50 pledge will get you just the steering wheel, while $85 includes the base.

Kolos is marketed as the first gaming wheel for the iPad, but it looks like Cideko beat it out for that honor. It will fit any iPad except the first generation and the iPad Mini.

I can't help but be reminded of those toddler toys that have a little steering wheel and dashboard for pretend drives. Kolos just does it the fancy way for grown-ups.

Kolos and Asphalt 7
Kolos gets a workout with Asphalt 7. Kolos

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