Internet: The Movie!

Films and the Web have gone hand-in-hand since the first pirate sneaked into the mutleyplex. But what would films based on your favourite sites and software look like? Crave calls lights... camera... action!

Hooray for Hollywood, that screwy balleyhooey Hol-ly-wood... Oh hello there. Here at Crave Towers, we've been inspired by the news that West Wing creator Aaron Sorkin is to script a movie based on the story of Facebook. We've long dreamed of breaking into showbusiness -- there's no business like it, we've heard -- so we're drawing on our knowledge of the Internet and technology to put together this marketing plan, outlining our pitches for smash-hit movies based on your favourite Web sites, gadgets and tech trivia.

We're ready for our close-up, so grab some popcorn and click through the images for our ideas, pitches and potential blockbusters. Hollywood, here we come!

Securing backing for a movie is hard. Maybe we should go where the money is? Google have a few quid going spare -- last attempt to finance a film disappeared without trace, but let's give it a shot.


Stanford, 1995. Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are Larry and Sergey, two-fisted maths students and high-tech crime-fighters who are a hit with all the ladies, including Gillian Anderson, Cindy Crawford and Helena Bonham Carter.

If Damon/Affleck busy: Simon Pegg/Nick Frost? Mario Van Peebles/Christopher Lambert?

Suggestion: maybe Google would back:

YouTube: the Documentary

Choice of commentaries on DVD: obnoxious fifteen-year-old rednecks or obnoxious copyright lawyers.

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