Incoming: Samsung Pixon vs Sony Ericsson C905 vs LG KC780

Looking for an 8-megapixel camera phone to replace your camera altogether? Check these beauties out -- they aim to make taking photos with your phone easy

Forget iPhone killers -- it's the camera killers you need to watch out for. Like a pack of hungry three-headed wolves, the multi-purpose camera-phones that are about to ravage the UK are aiming to swallow all your camera needs. We've lined up three super snappers that are going to hit the street later this year.

Samsung Pixon
Combining a touchscreen with an 8-megapixel camera, the Samsung Pixon will be one of Samsung's most advanced camera phones to date. Having only just been announced, we can't say too much about the Pixon, but we do know that it packs HSDPA, a dual LED photo light and a built-in accelerometer, and it records video.

The Pixon is set to launch at the end of October and, from what we can see in the press pictures, it looks like it'll run on Samsung's own user interface instead of Symbian. There's no denying there are obvious similarities between this and the recently unveiled LG Renoir -- but we believe the Renoir will make it to the shops first. Click through for the next in our line-up of epic mobile shooters. -Andrew Lim

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