If I Die app lets you leave final Facebook status update

A new Facebook app called If I Die allows you to send one last Facebook message after you kick the proverbial bucket.

Ever wanted to leave one last grandstanding Facebook status update in the event of your death? Now's your chance, you morbid so-and-so, because a new Facebook app, known as If I Die, lets you leave a final pre-written goodbye when you kick the bucket.

The app lets you record your last goodbyes in the form of a text or video message, then asks you to appoint friends as the executers of that app in the event of your demise. Once you've been committed to the Earth, burnt to oblivion, or cast out to sea, they can hit the publish button and your profile is updated with your final ramblings.

Currently, three of your trustees have to click the "yes, he is in fact dead" button before the app's makers will publish your last words, though you can appoint more than three people as the guardians of your social media estate.

The content of your final message is entirely up to you, though the app's makers do provide suggestions for the sort of thing you might want to share once your life force is extinguished. They recommend a simple farewell or a favourite joke, but also suggest it could be the perfect time to reveal a long-kept secret, or -- if you're feeling vengeful -- an opportunity to tell people what you really think of them.

It's all incredibly morbid, but plenty of people out there are already taking advantage of it. At the time of writing, the app has attracted several thousand followers, and we can only see that growing.

Is this the service you've been waiting for? Would you ever use it? Is it a little too morbid? What would you leave as your last Facebook status update? Would you appoint us to be your trustee? Let us know on our electronic tombstone Facebook page.


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