IE 10 doubles its share of desktop browser market

The latest version of IE now claims 6 percent of the browser desktop market, according to Net Applications.

Net Applications

Internet Explorer 10 doubled its reach last month thanks to its recent debut for Windows 7.

In April, Microsoft's latest browser won a 6 percent share of all traffic seen by Net Applications, a healthy rise from the 2.93 percent captured in March. Of course, the bounce isn't too surprising.

Up until recently, Internet Explorer 10 existed only in Windows 8 and RT. But in late February, Microsoft released it for Windows 7 users . Among all desktop browser versions, IE 10 is now in sixth place, trailing slightly behind IE 6.

Internet Explorer 8 is the top dog with a 23 percent share, followed by IE 7 with 18 percent. Google's Chrome version 26 holds 13 percent, while Firefox 20 is in fourth place with a 9.5 percent share.

Among the rival browsers in general, IE holds the overall lead with almost 56 percent of the market. Firefox takes second place with 20 percent, leaving Chrome with a little more than 16 percent and Safari with 5.3 percent.

In the mobile arena, Safari for iOS lost a bit of ground last month as its share dropped to 59.4 percent from 61.8 percent in March. At the same time, the stock Android browser and Google Chrome eked out minor gains, while Opera Mini saw its share jump to 9.9 percent from 8.4 percent the prior month.

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