HTC to make PlayStation Mobile handsets

PlayStation games are coming to HTC handsets, thanks to Sony opening up PlayStation Mobile -- previously called PlayStation Suite.

Sony is bringing PlayStation games to HTC's phones. The deal sees PlayStation Suite renamed as PlayStation Mobile and will allow third parties to make PlayStation Mobile-certified handsets, starting with HTC.

The HTC One X featured prominently throughout the pre-E3 presentation. And as we all know, the One X is about the highest-specced mobile money can buy, so it should be more than able to handle a PlayStation game or two.

Sony announced PlayStation Suite last year , with the focus on Sony Mobile phones -- called Sony Ericsson back then. However, Sony Computer Entertainment CEO (and now president and CEO of Sony entirely), Kaz Hirai, hinted it would be expanding the service to more handsets and tablets. The service opened for business last April .

Until now, the closest you could get to PlayStation on your phone was the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play , and that didn't fare too well in reviews. There was precious little mention of the PlayStation Vita during the conference (save for a couple of new games and a "crystal white" edition), hinting maybe Sony sees mobile as the way forward over dedicated handheld systems.

With their low prices, increasingly meaty specs and always-on connectivity, mobiles are being taken more seriously as gaming systems, with free and cheap 'casual' games taking a higher market share from the traditional big players.

Nintendo announced it's getting into mobile too , during its pre-E3 conference. It's launching its own social network called Miiverse , and you'll be able to get on board using your mobile or tablet. Looks like there's no denying mobiles will play a bigger role in the future of gaming.

What do you think of Sony partnering with HTC? And will mobiles ever replace handhelds like the PlayStation Vita and 3DS? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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