HTC Sensation XE Beats coming 1 October

The Sensation XE, HTC's first phone featuring Dr. Dre's Beats tech, will be here on the first of the month, courtesy of Phones 4U.

What? You're still using a separate phone and MP3 player? What's wrong with you? If your only previous excuse was that the sound quality wasn't up to scratch, then you'd better think of something else, as HTC's Sensation XE — its first phone using Dr. Dre's Beats tech — will be with us in a couple of weeks.

Phones 4U has an exclusive on the handset, launching it on 1 October. Previously all we'd heard was it would be coming to O2 "later this year".

Phones 4U seems to be getting extremely chummy with HTC, as it'll also have UK exclusives on the white versions of the HTC Sensation and Radar . Phones 4U and HTC sitting in a tree…

The Sensation XE will be available for free on a £36 a month contract on a selection of networks.

When using the handset with the Beats by Dr. Dre in-ear headphones, you can listen to tracks using a special sound profile calibrated for the cans. The result? Bass so low it could cause an earthquake. 

We had a hands on with the Sensation XE and found it a zippy smartphone that sounded great (using a pair of Beats headphones), though the screen wasn't quite on a par with the excellent Samsung Galaxy S2 .

It's looking like a busy month for HTC, with its Bliss phone for girls getting closer to a launch (and being renamed the Rhyme), the Radar whetting our appetite, and the Vigor looking like it might have a screen to top the Galaxy S2 's. Seems there's a lot more to the next few weeks in mobiles than a new iPhone.

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