HTC One X and One S Vodafone price cut saves you £5 a month

Vodafone's temporarily dropped the price of HTC's two biggest mobiles. Read on for all the details.

Vodafone's flogging the HTC One X and One S at a discount for two weeks, cutting a not inconsiderable £5 per month off the previous price.

In a bid to part you from your cash, until 14 May the scarlet-tinted operator is bestowing buyers with the quad-core One X for free if you sign up to a £36 per month contract. When the phone launched several weeks ago it was on sale at £41 per month.

The One S meanwhile can now be yours from Vodafone for £31 per month, whereas previously it cost £36. Recombu reports that this deal sees the available minutes lowered to 300, while data drops to 500MB. Call time on the One X falls to 600 minutes.

Both the new tariffs will see you tied into a 24-month contract.

It's a decent discount, bringing Vodafone in line with O2 -- which already offers the One X for £36 per month and the One S for £32 -- and Orange, which flogs the One X for £36 per month and the One S for £31 per month.

You shouldn't view this as a huge discount over rival networks, but if you're already a Vodafone customer thinking about upgrading you could save a little cash if you do so right now. 

Word to the wise: take heed of the data you get with any contract deal. Powerful Android phones like these have a nigh-on unquenchable thirst for delicious data, so be sure you have enough.

The HTC One X is the company's quad-core flagship mobile, boasting a 4.7-inch 720p screen, and a slim, light build. It doesn't offer great battery life though, and its launch has been plagued by complaints about a dodgy screen.

The One S is a smaller and less powerful but all-round more tempting offering. As well as being less likely to snap your fingers at 4.3 inches, it's well-built and a bit cheaper. There are worrying reports of chipped casings doing the rounds though, so keep an eye out if you're planning on buying the black model.

HTC's phones will be competing this year with Samsung's much-anticipated Galaxy S3, which is set to be revealed on Thursday. Could the timing of Vodafone's price drop be a reaction to that? Get guessing in the comments or on our Facebook wall -- and press play on our video reviews to see the One X and One S in action:


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