HP Spectre teased in video, could be a premium ultrabook

A teaser video has surfaced for what looks to be a seriously classy new HP ultrabook called the Spectre. Click here to take a peek.

We love a spot of drama, and that's something that's hardly in short supply in the video below -- a teaser clip for a new HP laptop codenamed Spectre, most likely an ultrabook .

The clip, sent by an HP employee to The Verge, shows almost nothing of the device itself. All we're able to deduce is it's a laptop, and HP reckons it's so exciting it warrants a teaser with moody music and spinning bits of glass.

The smart money is on the Spectre being part of HP's Envy line-up of fancypants computers, with the slender swivelling plates in the video indicating that it'll be an extremely thin ultrabook.

HP has already unveiled an upcoming ultrabook -- the HP Folio 13 . But as we noted when it was announced, that machine isn't looking especially slim, at about 18mm thick all the way through. Fingers crossed the spooky-sounding Spectre can beat those dimensions.

Ultrabooks are a new type of laptop pioneered by Intel, and constructed by loads of different manufacturers. There's a focus on being extremely slender, yet still powerful enough to do some proper computing, and with a battery that won't conk out halfway through the day.

They're also priced to compete with Apple's eerily thin MacBook Air . So far we've been impressed by a few of them, notably the near-perfect Asus Zenbook UX21 .

Here's hoping the Spectre proves just as impressive. We'll likely see it rearing its head at next week's CES show in Las Vegas, so stay tuned for more info.

Would you like to see more ultrabooks? Or do you think Apple's MacBook Air is impossible to beat? Tell us in the comments or on our Facebook wall.

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