How to survive a zombie attack using consumer electronics

Like it or not, zombies are coming and probably sooner than you think. Good news though -- we all have tech in our homes that can be used to defeat them, so let's find out how

Let's face it: we are, at best, a couple of years from the undead rising from their graves and running amok. It might not be years away, it could be mere weeks -- and what would you do then? If you want to avoid having your tasty, tasty brains nommed out by a rotting corpse reanimated by some ghastly science experiment, you'd better listen up.

We've assembled a list of the very finest and most suitable technology to defend yourself -- and your delicious, tender grey matter -- from being consumed. This tech is readily available, and you might well have some of it in your home. If not, we're pretty sure the manager at your local Comet won't be too bothered if you break in and liberate some of it. After all, he didn't read this article and what passed for his brain has long since been chewed.

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