Hi-Grade England laptop: Back of the netbook

You can dance Nobby's dance, you can dance it in France... or anywhere you like with Hi-Grade's official England football team netbook and laptop. Eng-er-land!

It's coming home, it's coming... the official England football team netbook is coming home.

English manufacturer Hi-Grade has kitted out a selection of its laptops in patriotic colours. The 10.2-inch Notino µL100E is an otherwise unremarkable (insert Stewart Downing gag here) netbook with a Via C7-M 1.6GHz processor and 160GB hard disk drive.

England notebook

As well as three lions on the lid, there are three USB ports on the side. There's a built-in card reader and Wi-Fi, and you score Windows XP and Open Office. Hi-Grade is claiming the battery will last 2.5 hours before blowing for full time. The transfer fee to get the England Notino off the bench and into your lap is £315.

Hi-Grade is also offering the 15-inch Notino W5700E-530 and W5700E laptops in 1966-echoing red away colours. Priced at £390 or £490 respectively, the two models kick off a choice of 1.73GHz processor and 80GB hard drive, or 1.86GHz chip and 160GB memory. The 5700E also comes with MS Office 2007 Home/Student Edition. Both include an optical CD/DVD drive down that troublesome left side. They'll go well with your Escape to Victory shirt.

Profits go into grass-roots football, which is a nice way of saying the FA gets the cash. Right, there's only one possible way to end this story: they think it's all over... it is now.

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