Harry Potter series coming to Google Books and Kindle via Pottermore site

Get your wands out and wave them about -- the Harry Potter books are coming to Google Books and Kindle in October with the launch of JK Rowling's new site Pottermore.

Just in case you haven't quite had your fill of Harry Potter after seven books and eight films, Google will play host to the digital versions of the magic children's novels when JK Rowling's new site Pottermore opens to the public in October.

The Harry Potter series has been translated into over 70 different languages -- but only now is it rendered in binary, the most elegant form of communication, so it can be published online and downloaded as digital copies for ebook readers.

Rowling's new website Pottermore will offer a hub for all the Potter fans -- that's us -- to interact, play games and view a whole host of magical extras. Some of us were particularly hoping for a 'meet Emma Watson' section, but were sorely disappointed. The site is to open its doors in October and will be the only place where the Potter books can be purchased in digital format.

It's not just Google that's getting in on the Pottermania -- all the books can be selected to download in any digital format so you can pop it on that Kindle you've got sat around, or one of Sony's offerings. Rowling stated she wanted the books to be as accessible as possible and -- depending on the price, as yet unannounced -- it seems she's kept to her word.

Make sure you've got your Kindle all warmed up for the site's launch in October. In the meantime, grab a butterbeer, pick up a wand and scream, "Expelliarmus!" into a large crowd of people. They'll love it, honestly.

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