Google Editions bringing ebooks to any device this summer

Google will launch the Editions ebook store this summer, and it'll be chock-full of ebooks that can be read on any device

Google Editions will launch this summer, and looks set to start a new chapter  in the ebook market. The browser-based ebook store will offer ebooks that work on any device, which could spell trouble for the proprietary systems offered by Apple, Amazon and Sony.

Ebooks bought from Editions will work on devices from phones to a netbooks to any one of the range of ebook readers already on the market. Other ebook stores are often tied to the store's own device, as with the market-leading Amazon Kindle , and Apple's forthcoming iBook store for the iPad. Google is planning for Editions to launch by July, although it's likely that will be a US launch date.

Google has been running its finger along the shelves of the ebook world for a while, with the Google Book Search project digitising vast swathes of out-of-copyright literature and offering them for free on mobiles and Sony Readers.

There isn't a firm launch date yet, but Google wants Editions to be global so fingers crossed we won't be waiting long. We'll keep you posted when we find out more.

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