Google Drive launching next week with 5GB free storage?

Google's Dropbox-style storage tool is expected to launch next week, offering you 5GB of data.

Google Drive , the search giant's upcoming Dropbox-style cloud storage tool, is expected to launch next week, and offer a free 5GB of storage to anyone who signs up.

The Next Web reports it's received a draft release from a company that's partnered with Google Drive, that spills the beans on what we can expect from the service, as well as how much storage you'll get.

The report also mentions that Google Drive will work on all four major operating systems, so whether you're an iOS, Android, Mac or Windows fan, you should be able to get in on the file-stowing action. 5GB is the standard storage allowance, though if you cough up some cash you'll be able to buy more space in Google's cloud.

A screenshot that leaked last month (which I've stuck above for your viewing convenience) also hinted that you could make changes to a file in one place and see it magically change everywhere. Google Docs already does that, so it's possible that Drive be rolled into that service, or vice-versa.

The service is expected to launch over at, though if you head there now you'll only get a dismaying 404 page.

Just like rival Dropbox, Google Drive will let you store your files online with Google, allowing you to access them from any computer.

Having your files safely backed up is another plus -- you could upload all your photos, video and music onto the service, and stop worrying about your hard drives catching fire. Which is handy.

Would you use Google Drive? Or would you rather hoard your digital possessions on physical hard drives? Tell me in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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